Sunday, 16 February 2014

Cadet Training: Grey Tee and Black Cargo Pants

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, I was watching Cadet Kelly where Hilary Duff had to go through tough military training. I was a tomboy when I was in school and always dreamt of joining Army. Watching Cadet Kelly brought those old memories back. So, today’s post is inspired by the military training uniform and I kept the whole outfit very simple and comfortable. 

I paired a basic grey tee with the cargo pants. Cargo Pants also called combat trousers, after their original military purpose emerged in the 1930s. These pants are loosely cut pants which are designed for tough, outdoor activities. These stylish, comfortable pants are a perfect choice when it comes to comfort wear. 

I salute to our army who protects us and works so hard to keep us safe. 

Thank you so much for reading :)


Tee: Reliance Trends (Bare Denim)
Pants: Incense (Old)
Jacket: Max Fashion ( Here )
Shoes: Converse ( Similar Here ) 
Watch: Fastrack ( Here ) 
Wallet: SreeLeathers ( Here )

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