Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Weekly Tips: Big and Useful Handbags

Hi Everyone,

Few weeks ago I posted a weekly tip on Mini Bags ( Here ) and this time its big and utility handbags. As I always say, big bags are very useful as its convenient to carry all your essential stuff together. 

Transparent or see-through handbags are very much in fashion. You can organize and make your handbag look good by putting colorful essentials in it. 
Few days ago, I received a request to post something regarding college bags. I think it is not mandatory to carry school bags to your college. I mean.. Come on girls..!! this is college..!! And a little style with studies won't hurt. You can use these lovely and smart looking big handbags to your college. 


You can carry  your books, your water bottle, stationery, your shades and a little makeup (may be) :). 

Big bags are also good for your office. You can carry everything you want. It is also good for shopping and going out. I personally love carrying big bags as I have to carry many things when I go out for shoots or shopping. So, I prefer carrying a big bag rather than carrying small bags.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this will help you. 

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