Saturday, 29 June 2013

Birthday Gift: Metallic Dress and Golden Accessories

Hi Everyone!

Wish you a great Sunday ahead. 

I saw this beautiful dress in Globus this March. This dress has a thread work on it which gives it a very metallic look.  As I was looking at it and thinking should I buy it or not, my friend suddenly said "Take it, it will look good on you. This is your birthday gift from my side :)". I was dancing with joy in the trial room as I loved the fitting and the metallic shade which it gave me. I was waiting to pair this up ever since I got this!! I just simply love this dress and a very special thanks to that lovely friend.

Please do comment as how you like this dress? Also, I would love to know what is your favorite birthday gift that you have received from your friends? 

Thank you so much for reading this!

Metallic Dress: Globus F21
Clutch: Heels ( Similar Here )
Watch: ALDO ( Similar Here )
Bracelet: Globus 
Necklace: Fashionandyou ( Here )
Shoes: ( Similar Here )
Belt: Janpath


  1. love ur dress and the bracelet too. my fav bday gift (nt sure whether it was my bday gift :( but anyways) was a black color tote bag,the material was like crocodile skin. it was amazing. my fav bag ever. but unfortunately i dont have that bag with me anymore, it was damaged in an accident

    1. Oh I'm so sorry Sudatta but I'm sure, someone can again gift you that!! ;)

  2. I just love your style!You looked absolutely stunning my dear!