Thursday, 5 December 2013

Weekly Tip: Winter Special - Smart Overcoats

Hi Everyone!!

Winter has already started and its brings the cold nights and morning laziness. I often don't want to get up in the morning and step out of my blanket and go to office, I guess this happens to you as well. And today's post will inspire us to fight the laziness and look great and in the same time, fight the cold and chilly winters. 

It's time to see how wonderfully you can carry your overcoats and you can look good wearing them. 

Try some fur overcoats this winter to give your look a chic and edgy turn. Or you can add a fur muffler to pair with your overcoat which will complement your look. 

You can wear a glittered overcoat for a night party or a leopard print to look always in style. 

I love the way how Kate Middleton paired her overcoat and added her hat with it. You can wear it as a dress and look elegant. The whole outfit gave a very royal and British feel to it. 

The above overcoat looks so comfy and nice that I can wear it and go anywhere and stay warm even if snow falls. 

I'm very excited as this is Christmas month, when we have loads of parties to attend and always need to look good. To stay warm and energetic, these overcoats will definitely going to help us. 

Thank you so much for reading it!!

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